Outdoor Wedding Ideas to Help Create the Perfect Day

It’s almost here! Your wedding day is something that you’ve been looking forward to with great anticipation since you were a small child. If you have a love for the great outdoors you might want to consider getting married outside in a beautifully decorated area. Use these outdoor wedding ideas to get you started and then make them your own.

First, you have to choose where you’re going to get married. You could have a wedding right in your very own backyard. If you or a family member is blessed with a large enough space this is a great solution. For one thing, the location is likely to be free! All you need to pay for are the decorations and furniture.

If you don’t have access to a large enough space there are plenty of places where you can rent. Try going to a pretty marina or getting married on the water at the beach or riverfront. There are likely several places right near your home that cater to couples getting married.

If you have your heart set on a location but you’re not sure if they do weddings, it can’t hurt to call and ask. The chances are good that the owners will enjoy hosting the union of a couple in love.

After you’ve chosen your perfect outdoor wedding you have to think about the theme you want for the big day. If you’re getting married on the beach the theme might be easier to come up with. Walking barefoot on the beach in less formal attire is ideal for many couples.

In fact, one of the pluses of many outdoor locations is that you don’t have to come up with a large amount of decorations. Nature already provides a beautiful backdrop. It’s also important to keep in mind that if you’re renting space you might be very limited in the changes you can make to the area.

If you’re having the wedding in your backyard you’ll likely have more freedom. Coordinate your color scheme and integrate various things in your wedding into that scheme. Some people like to go beyond choosing colors, and have more complete themes. The choice is yours!


Western theme – This is great for fall and can include orange and red hues, pumpkins and squash decorations, and hats for the gentlemen
Hawaiian theme – This is a great summer theme and is especially easy if you’re getting married at a tropical location. Think breezy attire, blue hues, and plenty of cheer.
Princess theme – Since it’s your special day, why not treat yourself like a princess? Wear a tiara on your head, ride into the ceremony on top of a beautiful white horse, and have classy and elegant decorations.